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Building a museum takes some time, but we're working hard to have the job done as soon as possible ;-)

This section - like in a physical museum - displays as much as possible information about whisk(e)y
in the widest sense of the word(s):

- the process(es) of making whisk(e)y;

- photo’s and images regarding the process(es) of making whisk(e)y;
- per distillery / independent bottler / tour operator / otherwise to whisk(e)y related company a (background) story
and / or (inside) information;

- photo’s and images of the companies mentioned
- photo’s of ever been bottled bottles / products.

This section contains the information to connect whisk(e)y to you.

For example - where to find or how to connect to:
- distilleries
- independent bottlers
- importers
- tour operators
- otherwise to whisk(e)y related companies

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